The Domsjö Saw

The sawmill in Domsjö was started in 1865 by Kempe. Before that, Kempe’s saw had been in Mo. That is how the company came to be called ‘MoDo.’ MoDo made sure that their employees could do sports during their leisure time. That is why Örnsköldsvik's hockey team is called MoDo.


The timber was floated on Moälven (Mo river) down to the sawmill. The sawmill produced pit props, poles that were used to support the coal mine roofs in England. Boards and planks were also made. In the past, it was common for packaging to be made of wood. They were made from what was called split wood. The children who worked at the sawmill often worked with leftover wood and with stamping the wood to mark where it was made and where it was going.


The large ships that took the timber to other countries were docked outside of the sawmill. The sailors on the ships could tell anyone who had learned another language what was happening in Europe.