This exhibition is made to be played in. Encourage children to dress up, to cook in the fireplace, to sell coffee in the shop, and to do everything else they can think of. By playing with history, we arouse curiosity and an understanding that not everyone lives the same way, whether it be now or then. Above all, have fun together.


Even though it is full of play, the whole exhibition is based on historical facts!


The children who talk in the environments are like ghost children or like the moving portraits in Harry Potter. They are an imprint of the environment they come from. Listen to them, they tell about their lives!



Each room has a year hidden somewhere. Figure out the year and enter it on the pad. The pad’s numbers are in Nolavondian. If you enter the correct year, you will receive several letters from the Nolavondian alphabet. If you write them down and figure out all the years, you will have the Nolavondian alphabet and can then figure out what they have written on the containers. 


The rooms also have Riddle Bags (with riddles), costumes, dolls, treasure maps, picture keys, dialect boxes, and other fun stuff.



The Ghost Curator